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 “I felt I belonged. For the first time in my life I had the feeling that the people seeing me were accepting me and liking me...for the first time I felt like a movie star. 
― Marilyn Monroe ―

These are a view Meet and Greets and performances what Debra Monroe has done already.


*On 11 January 2019, Debra Monroe had a wonderful performance for the city education in Antwerp.
She had an audience of 2000 people! It was the celebration of the 200th anniversary, and the people were very excited as soon as the light came on and saw Debra Monroe! Watch her video here!

marilyn monroe lookalike

*Debra Monroe had a Meet & Greet on November 17, 2018 at the largest collection year fair in Europe!
With more than 1800 stands and more than 35,000 visitors, it was quite a busy weekend! In short, Debra could not sit anywhere for a moment because they stood in line to take a picture!

*Whoops! Isn't that delicious!
Debra Monroe was been booked at august 26th 2018 for a Meet & Greet
at Moerdijk. There was alot of public, so there were many adults and childeren who wanted to be on the picture with
Debra Monroe! She has worn the most famous Marilyn dress so of course there was a gust of wind to!

*July 19, 2018 Debra Monroe had a booking in Peer for the 3rd time! A beautiful village in Belgium.  
But this time she wasn't only invited for a  Meet & Greet, but also to sing a song! Happy Birthday...cars & coffee! 
And as every year it was a great event!

*At june 14th Debra Monroe had a lovely meeting at a resting house Carecircle Milltour.
The older people lived up again completely when the saw Debra Monroe and imagined themself in the good old times again!

*September 11, 2017 was a special day in Sittard! We celebrated the 15th anniversary of Brasserie Foroxity dinner!
There were alot of people and it was very pleasant, 
now up to the next 15 years!

*September 9th 2017 Debra Monroe had the honor opening the store: Miller & Monroe in Heemskerk! 
In the mean while they have already 80 stores in Holland, and still growing! 

*This week was a busy week for Debra Monroe, 23, 24 and 27 August 2017 she was booked for various activities!
An interview, a performance and a Meet and greet!

*July 8, 2017 Debra Monroe was booked for a Rock a billy event!
It was a successful evening and everyone took a picture with her!

*July 1, 2017 Debra Monroe was booked for a Newtimer event!
And she was allowed to open the event in a spectacular way,
namely to turn on a fire hose!

June 16, 2017 Debra Monroe had a performance for the Movie festival at Vlaardingen! 
It went really well and the people were super enthusiastic! Up to the next booking!

*At november 24th 2016 Debra Monroe had participated a Marilyn Monroe lookalike contest!
Unfortunately she didn't won, but she had a great day and the media loved her!

*October 29th 2016, Debra Monroe had a booking and a gig on a birthday party!
It was a great evening, and the ambience was fantastic! 

*October 1, 2016 the exhibition of Marilyn Monroe started in Amsterdam!
Of course Debra Monroe was there and there were many people who wanted to take a picture with her.

*Debra Monroe was booked for the 3rd time by the open studio days in Hilversum on 3 September 2016!
It was well attended this year, and she will be there again next year!

*Debra Monroe had a booking by The Side Kick on 24 February 2016. She was allowed to participate in their video clip which was recorded in Scheveningen in the store: Bennies Fiftiess. It was a fantastic experience!
Check the video clip and swing along!

*Debra Monroe was booked for a Meet and Greet by the Jukebox fair in Autotron Rosmalen on 17 and 18 October 2015.
It was 2 very nice days and there were a lot of nice people who took a picture with her.

*Debra Monroe had a performance for the director of Riviera Maison!
It was his birthday and he was very surprised when he saw Debra! On September 28, 2015.

*Joeys Fifties Rent in Uden had booked Debra Monroe for a Meet and Greet on 25 May 2015.
It was a very nice day and a fantastic open day, the people were so friendly!

*Debra Monroe was booked for a Meet and Greet by the Cruise Brothers on 2 May 2015 in The Hague.
It was a big old-timer event with lots of great people.