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About me.

She discoverd Marilyn Monroe!
As a teenager (16 years old) Deborah was informed by her uncle that she looked suspiciously like Marilyn Monroe. Only she had never heard of Marilyn Monroe before. Her uncle was astonished, and immediately showed some pictures of the young Marilyn Monroe
(Norma Jeane Baker). Intrigued and curious, Deborah began to read more and more about the life of Marilyn Monroe.

A look a Like was born!
Soon she  found out that  their childhood had alot of similarities, and therefore felt very connected to Marilyn Monroe.
'' If Marilyn had lived in this time, we could be best friends '' 
she describes.

A first photo session gave Deborah the confidence to show herself again. From that moment it went fast. She regularly took photo shoots as Norma Jeane Baker, and went looking for suitable locations to copy photographs  of Norma Jeane Baker. Eventually, at the age of 20, she bought her first blonde Marilyn wig, regularly watched makeup tutorials on YouTube, and started creating her Marilyn. Slowly but with a lot of certainty Deborah blossomed into the new Dutch Marilyn Monroe lookalike under the name: 'Debra Monroe'

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